We are licensed by the Nigerian Customs Services to provide Clearing and Forwarding services in Nigeria. We can assist in the clearing and consolidation of air and sea cargo with speed and efficiency.
Our team of professionals handles all your import/export clearance with utmost professionalism and ease, while maintaining your corporate secret and image. We can arrange the following services for your personal, commercial or industrial needs:

  1. Ocean Freight - Containerized, Break-bulk & Over-sized Cargo
  2. Airfreight - scheduled Airline and Charter Operations
  3. Transportation arrangement
  4. Packing/Removals Services; Local/International
  5. Warehousing and Consolidation
  6. Door-to Port, Port-to-Port, Port-to-Door service options
  7. Full Container (FCL) and less-than-Container load (LCL)
  8. Overweight / Oversize trucking
  9. Customs Clearance
  10. Local Customs Clearance


  1. Providing up-to-date favorable Air Freight/Shipping Rate for Inbound/Outbound cargo
  2. Inbound and Outbound Cargo booking
  3. Customs Declaration, & Storage
  4. Qualitative feed-back, tracking and consultation
  5. Ensuring & preserving client corporate image/secret


We are expertise in opening of the Form M, liaising with Government Organizations such as SON & NAFDAC for import Permits, liaising with the Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies, Shipping Lines, Nigerian Port Authority, Quarantine Service, and Banks to ensure the swift issuance of the PAR, Customs Clearance and delivery. We provide step-by-step real time update for our clients on the status of their consignments.


  1. Duly processed Form M with Inspection Agent reference Number
  2. Insurance Certificate
  3. Pro-forma Invoice
  4. Import Permit


  1. Facilitation of all import documents, namely; Form M, Insurance Certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAAR) etc
  2. Interface with the shipping companies for all documents
  3. Preparation of Customs Bill of Entry, Debit Note, DO, TDO, payment schedule and other related documents.
  4. Payment of Customs Duty and related charges to the Government designated Bank based on the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR).
  5. Processing of Customs Bill of Entry through the Nigeria Customs Services Processing Unit (CPC)
  6. Positioning of shipment for Physical Examination and release by Nigeria Custom Services
  7. Obtaining authorization to load cargos, and gate pass after payment of handling, rental and storage charges.
  8. Delivery of shipment to Company’s premises, Warehouse or any other designated delivery point.
  9. Submission of all documentation confirming payment of Customs Duty, Terminal Charges with copies of delivery waybill.
  10. Keeping the Company updated on all current regulations regarding Imports/ Exports in Nigeria to ensure compliance.
  11. Processing of claims and refunds (if any) from the shipping company


The following document should be received ahead of time to facilitate the smooth clearance of this shipment before the arrivals of the shipment.

  1. Original Copy of the RAR
  2. Original attested invoice
  3. Original Bill of Lading/Airway bill
  4. Commercial Invoice
  5. Packing List
  6. Copy of Form M
  7. Copy of Insurance Certificate
  8. Original Duty Receipts


  1. Should we help any client to process FORM ‘M’, PAAR, Insurance Certificate; it is mandated that we help such company with duty payment, collection of original RAR, Customs clearance at its expense.
  2. MABCO-DEE processes import documents; namely form M, Insurance Certificate, PAAR (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report). Duration is 3-5 working days
  3. MABCO-DEE facilitates collection of original RAR upon payment of Customs Duty with evidence of duty receipts from the designated Bank. Duration is 2days.

As customs clearance agent, we are aware how important it is to deliver the goods to you or your customers as promised. Hence we do our absolute at most to clear your goods at earliest possible.


Mabco-Dee Investment Limited renders services which include negotiating the best freight rates available, ensuring that pre-shipment inspection of the cargo takes place, positioning of containers at the factory, collection of cargo, delivery of goods to the respective port, Export Clearance, arranging an Export Survey, Port Handling and the timely dispatch via courier of a full set of documentation. Negotiation of extension of free days demurrage granted by the various Shipping Lines, based on the number of containers - this can lead to considerable savings locally.


  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Bill of lading
  3. Consular invoice
  4. Certificate of origin
  5. Inspection certification
  6. Dock receipt and warehouse receipt
  7. Destination control statement
  8. Insurance certificate
  9. Export license
  10. Export packing list

N.B: These features are to reflect in your commercial invoice and NXP/NCX form:

  1. Name and address of Exporter
  2. NEPC Number
  3. Description of the goods to be exported
  4. Quantities and their measurements
  5. Unit cost of goods
  6. Total cost of goods
  7. Other charges, if any
  8. Mode of transportation
  9. Name and Address of buyer (consignee)
  10. Country of destination
  11. Other documents such as phytosanitary certificates, certificate by SON, NAFDAC etc.


We have affordable and trusted means of transportation for door-to-port and port-to-door activities at client’s expense.

Customers Satisfaction throughout our services is our priority. We will always make sure we exceed your expectation.

with over 7 Years of experience you always get the best guidance

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