Concrete Block Production

Our blocks production is done with up to date machinery with above the recommended mix of high proportion of granite-dust to sand inputs of high quality, observed under the company curing process policy. This earn the product of its name “Vibrated Concrete Block” The integration of these machinery, quality material inputs and experienced operators had makes our blocks standout among it contemporaries in terms of dimensional accuracy, persistence meeting the Lagos State Comprehensive Strength Laboratory test for blocks: thus suiting all landed terrain especially Saturated landed area and it is affordable.

Delivery Service

Our product delivery services is prompt across all area in Lagos and its neighboring states, while we look forward to the coverage of the entire South-West come 2025. This we are able to achieve with various branded non-rickety FL 6,12,16,18 turbo charger engine vehicle of varying carrying capacity and our strategic outlets locations within the metropolis.

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