BecomeFreelance Marketer

Could Freelancing Be the Way Forward?

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience from working in various different roles. It enables you to hone your skills and focus on specialising in certain areas whilst also having the opportunity to work in broader roles to learn valuable new skills and experience different company cultures.

Many employers do provide flexible working within permanent roles but not all do! Freelance roles are often a lot more flexible. You have more freedom to ask for adjusted working hours and even to shorten your working hours.

Freelancing allows you to meet so many new people within your industry. Whether it’s friendships or business relationships that you build, creating a strong network of people in your chosen industry is extremely valuable to your future development. Building a network and your personal reputation can also help to build up your list of future contracts

You get the chance to work with some very cool brands that are often very difficult to get into! This means you’ll have lots of great company names to pack into your CV and wow future potential employers

At MABCODEE we are known for accountability and openness with a hard - earned reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality. We run our business with great discipline and integrity. We maintain a great place to work and grow talents

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