Training & Consultancy Services

Mabcodee Learning is a training and development organization that helps organizations achieve and sustain their competitiveness through our training interventions. We help organizations and individuals to create and manage change by formulating and implementing customer focused strategies.

We seek to be at the forefront of continuous learning by constantly providing contents for educational and performance needs of companies, staff, governments and individuals.

Our training interventions include:

  • Business process Management: We train business owners and corporate staff on how to set up business processes or reengineer their existing business processes for customer and profit maximization
  • School management and development: We train school proprietors and teachers on both administrative and academic programs that give schools competitiveness. We understand the competitive nature of school business and we aim to educate school proprietors on management processes that give them edge over others
  • Human Resource Management: We equip businesses and individuals that aspire to become HR professionals on the operations of managing human capital of organizations. We expose conventional HR processes in a strategic way that helps the company to maximize the potential of staff through different mix of motivation and organization
  • Customer/Client Management: Customer is king and the best way to retain them is to manage them well. From generating information to analytical way of customer management we train businesses on the systemic approach to customer management
  • Supply Chain Management: We train business on the dynamics of managing supplies and suppliers. Quality product will come from quality materials and the effectiveness of supplies also determines the profit made from enterprise. We provide trendy tools used in managing supply chain of an organization
  • Quality and Operation Management: Every definition and specification of quality depends on the effectiveness of the operations. We will train organizations and individual on different methods of operational efficiency and effectiveness. We also train on different quality management tools needed to ensure quality products, service and delivery
  • Leadership and Public Governance: In a time when leadership is a major requirement and skill needed to move nation and organization forward, we train public office holders, political aspirants, business owners, organization executives and individuals on dynamics and concept of leadership and governance.
  • Media and Communication Training: we train individuals on different aspect of media and how to communicate to staff and in public. From content development to event operations, marketing communications to digital marketing and so much more.

Our Consulting Interventions

  • We help businesses and organizations to generate and review their different business processes. This includes People management processes, business operation process, client and customer operation processes. We will develop a bespoke process that suits your business realities and environment.
  • We help schools with school quality assessment, school strategic alignment, teaching operation assessment, parent service assessment and struggling students transformation. We will give reports and insights that develops the school’s competitiveness.
  • We help businesses, organizations and individuals to develop contents for projects, programs and products. We also explore the space of experiential marketing in propagating and creating force for business brand appeal. We will help you build a brand that gives profit.
  • We conduct brainstorming sessions, team development retreats and strategic sessions for business and organization leaders. Our focus is to create a formidable leadership culture in the organization which always guarantees outstanding profit.

We seek a business partnership with you to explore and deliver some of these interventions in your organization in exchange for pay.

To register for our training and consulting interventions, fill ourRegistration Form or call 08180284010, 08132448776